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moz art team

Cameron Bayly -

Science Consultant



Chimezie Onuoha -

Character Lead, Illustration, etc 



Christian Horning -   Writing, Editing Lead, Hero To Us All ;)



Devon Roff -

Illustration/Visual Development Lead



Dylan Tenorio -

Environment Lead



Gabrielle Garza -

Character and Costume Design



Garrett Johnston - 

Editorial Design, Costume and Character Design



Jacob Romeo Lecuyer -

Director,  Art Director,  Writer



Jeremiah Goldston -

Vehicle and Object Design


Katie Prouty -

Character Design, Creature Design, Illustration



Kaity Reaves - 

Costume Design, Story, Sociology



Luke Fresquez - 

Maps, Charts, and World Illustration



Maggie Juarez -

Illustration Lead



Mary Farrah -

Illustration/Visual Development Lead



Maya Austin -

Editorial Illustration 



Ozzie Burke -

Character and Scene Illustration 



Ryan Neal -

Character Scene, Creature Illustration 



Van Nguyen -

Maps, Charts, and  World Illustration

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