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So easy a Zegdarian Meat Slug could do it.

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That is most likely the key to unlock this ships (the Space Nautalis's) Notan cannons. The after-shock from the close range detonation of a Notan payload could have disastrous effects for even the stoutest of spacecraft. Oh, the poor Professor! He cares so much for the crew in his keeping, sending off that key must be torture for...

The poor professor, he loves the tender creatures aboard his ship so much he can't imagine doing anything to put even one paw, hoof, or tentacle in harm's way. But Queen Bundalot ain't playin' around. She just pulled the Kandy-Council-card on Professor Hooman-Root! Drop the lollipop-shaped mic and walk away girl! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

Call me a fuddy-duddy but I'll take a good old-fashioned Jelly-Phone over a holographic projection device any day of the wee...Wait did she just say Chaos-Lord!? Not good friends, not good at all. (◕︵◕)

Well, I'll be...Queen Bundalot and the H.M.S.Religieuse! Queen Bundalot queen of Candella, the hero of the catacombs and canyons of Vorgellia, wise ruler of the sweet (and sour) citizens of the Kandy-Kingdom! Can it really be that Candella too has fallen to the devourer of worlds!? (⊙﹏⊙✿)

You gotta love Dr. Prof. Hooman-Root's glass half full attitude, but 4th generation Galdactric sonar displays don't lie. As you can see plainly see on Furnör's (the navigational officer's) tortured face; "THOSE AIN'T SPACE WHALE PROFESSOR!" ⊙︿⊙

Ok, that looks and sounds like a Betta-7 security droid in that cockpit. I'm not a zero-g weapons guy, but I'm pretty sure that's a Fexton-542, impulse-drive, noton cannon he's sitting behind. And I don't even want to know what the enormous, unidentified form he identified aft of the port bow is... I have a bad feeling we'll find...

The ships on fire, oil reserves are exhausted, and multiple engines are failing, the only thing else that could go wrong is the Chaos Lord catching up with their...uhhh oh! (-’๏_๏’-) 

Will Robinson...I smell danger!!!!!

Exceptional hearing, as well as a prodigious gift for understanding language, earned The Bat the position of communications officer aboard Dr. Professor Hooman-Root's rescue ship.  Like The Professor the Bat gained specific strange and unusual adaptations after being rescued from the homeworld they (and we) share. Gifts like self-...

Tally ho! Now there's a hearty crew if I ever laid eyes on one! What act of fate could bring a Nortnän, a sentient bat, a Bzano B,  and a root-man together as space-faring crew? I've got my suspicions (as mentioned earlier on page 12), but for now, let's let the story unfold and see for ourselves, what epic task has united such st...

Well, wrap me in a sack of Bundalarian Cinamon Wafers. It's the Space Nautilus piloted by that noble friend of cute, helpless, creatures everywhere, Dr. Professor Hooman-Root! If there's a more swell guy in this sector, I'd sure like to meet him. Oh, but what's this?! It looks like the Space Nautilus has taken a pretty severe bea...

Hmmmm...well that's a certainly a Cheab larva, and since she's wearing a crown, I'm just going to venture a guess and say that we've found the Cheab Queen's missing child mentioned by her on page 2 and 3. In case you're unfamiliar with the Cheab stages of development, we should discuss a few facts about their growth cycles. Though...

A users review of the GR-71 escape pod from the Ugaladian Galactic Almanac: "When it comes to escaping a planet's orbit, and seamlessly re-entering another's the GR-71 is a peerless escape pod. My only complaint is that the manual ejection mechanism within the GR-71 is a bit lackluster. Sure it launches the pilot's compartment hig...

-Me: What did I say about Salamandos class?
-Class: Don't antagonize Salamandos because they travel in packs!
-Me: Thaaaaaaats right.

From Dr. Borgadaz's Big Book of Binary Backpacking: "On Salamandos; First and foremost, always keep in mind that Salamandos travel in packs. When you mess with one Salamando, you progress to stress the whole nest!"

Ok, not good for the guy in the ship. So, those are Salamandos, a race who's brutish behavior is only matched by their general stupidity. Querry: What's worse than bumping into a Salamando on your homeworld, or favorite jump ship? Answer: Crashing into a pack of spear-wielding Salamandos on their home turf.

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Hello! So you've found my online documentary Everyone Does Thier Chores in Polyuna. "Wait a minute I thought this was a webcomic?" Well, sorta, but mostly it's a documentary that's just filmed as a webcomic because of budgetary constraints. It's hard to put into words but the characters that inhabit EDTCIP are quite real and this is their real story. 


"Is Polyuna for me?" Well, I hope so, for what it's worth I sure love the heck out of it. It's an epic-ish Sci-Fi-fantasy documentary that's a bit like Lost in Space meets the Muppet Show with dragons. It's cute, it's funny, fun, heartwarming and just a little bit irreverent. Inside you'll find love, adventure, comedy, slimy despots, tender hearted root-vegetable men, malevolent cosmic entities, and a selfish, protagonist who loves stinky salty fried snacks and who might learn to be a little less self-centered by the end of the story...maybe. 


In other words, it's not a story for everyone, but it's certainly a story for a special someone. If the thought of any of the previously mentioned content warms some corner of your heart or soul I'd suggest you try it out.


-Now back to work! 


Sincerely your friend, 

and cosmic documentarian, 




Jacob Romeo Lécuyer

(Dr. Prof Hoo-Man Root and Son)


Everyone does their chores in 




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