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2000 - Present

Illustration Concept Art and entertainment

1998 - Present

I have nearly 20 years of experience as a visual story-teller in the realms of concept art/visual development and Illustration. During that period, I lived and worked with clients in diverse locales such as Japan, Australia, Germany, Spain, San Francisco, LA, and Santa Fe NM. I currently work as a concept design lead for Meow Wolf entertainment, where I produce work for animation, film, and print/illustration as well as theme park design. My work has appeared in print and other forms around the globe as well as being featured in the New York Times and Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art.

University Work

2005 - Present

For the last 10+ years, I have worked as a College educator and art director in the visual and commercial arts. In 2015 I was recruited by SFUAD to team up with Disney Artist David Gardner to build and run their 120 unit Digital Arts and Visual Development/concept art program. Other University work includes lecture and curriculum development at CSUF, AISD, AIOC, and Cypress College.

Independent Work

2003 - Present

I spend most of my time outside of University work, art direction and freelance opportunities, working hard and passionately on creator-owned visual storytelling projects. Ranging from my reinterpretation of classic Grimm brothers fairy tales in my book Iron John to a delightful comic chronicling the plight of cute fuzzy (and sometimes slimy) creatures from around the cosmos in Everybody Does Their Chores in Polyuna.

Check out these projects on my project launch page: 



1996 - 2012

I spent over a decade in the world of higher education earnestly honing my craft as an artist. Amongst other things, I received a BA in Studio Art and two terminal degrees (MA, & MFA) in the field of the visual and commercial arts. I love learning, and I’ve got enough degrees and certificates to wallpaper my studio walls to prove it. ;) More importantly, I’ve been fortunate enough to study domestically and abroad with some of the best artist/mentors that exist anywhere in the field including Nathan Fowkes, Bill Perkins, Jeff Watts, Ron Lemen, Marshall Vandruff, Nathan Fowkes, Bill Perkins, Rey Bustos, and Steve Huston.


Schools I’ve attended include:

-Watts Atelier (SD Ca)

-LA figurative Academy 

-Cal State University Fullerton 

-Humboldt State University (Arcata Ca)

-Concept Design Academy (Pasadena Ca)

-University of Western Sydney (Kingswood Australia)