An illustrated retrospective  where select artists were invited to collaborate with celebrated authors Tim Powers, James Blaylock, and K.W. Jeter. The authors who originated the Steampunk genre. 

A webcomic where a short furry rebel and a  soft-hearted root-man, attempt to outrun a malevolent cosmic entity while defending a community of space refugees from the slimy despot who's tiny empire they have crash landed into.

An illustrated storybook in which three original Brothers Grimm fairy stories, are set in new worlds and visually reinterpreted with new illustrations: Explore the classic old world of Europe, the ancient Middle East, and an alternative timeline which combines sci-fi and medieval aesthetics.

An illustration annual Internationally recognized as the most prestigious book of its kind, Spectrum is a yearly publication featuring the very best fantasy art and illustration from around the globe. My work was was first included in their 17th edition.

A team production project in which a planetologist combines a single journal with scraps of image cells, and miscellaneous artifacts; in order to put together the history of a once populated moon orbiting the fictitious gas giant Zahein. Discover the history of three diverse people groups and the circumstances leading to their extinction.

A collaborative art project for the Make-a-Wish foundation to help a young man with a brain tumor turn his own imaginative story into a graphic novel. Enter a time-twisting fairy tale, featuring the collaborative of from professionals from the world of comics, animation, film, and games.